My Ideal Fear Factory Album in a Parallel Universe

If you've never heard of Fear Factory, it is time for you to discover this exceptional heavy metal band. Now, just because I said "heavy metal" doesn't mean you should stop reading because you don't like that genre of music. Fear Factory does "heavy" like no other...beautifully. Burton Bell sings powerfully over crunchy, full, melodic music with a heavier beat and some electronic programming. Also, there are some sweeping, intensely beautiful songs which aren't heavy at all. Raymond Herrera, the drummer on all but their last record, is most likely my favorite drummer (besides Phil Collins, of course!). He's so tight and that style blends perfectly with the band's theme of people becoming machines. Each of Fear Factory's albums have had some phenomenal songs, and some good songs. I recently made a mix CD for myself of their best tracks and I can't even stand how epic this album is that I spliced together. I feel sorry for the people sitting next to me at stop lights when I have it blasting in my car, which is how it is best played. :)

1) Shock (from Obsolete): This song is the first track on Obsolete and that is just how it should be. It will rip your face off!

2) Descent (from Obsolete): The perfect single off of this album...easier to swallow than some of the heavier tracks with a melodic, singing chorus.

3) Resurrection (from Obsolete): This 6.5 minute beauty is one of the more dynamic songs from an already dynamic band. I love how it builds and drops over and over, very quickly. No time to breathe...

4) Timelessness (from Obsolete): This song is the last track on Obsolete and that is just how it should be (except on this mix CD, hehe). I wanted to put it last here but actually felt that the one I did choose to put last is more fitting and I decided to keep the album tracks together and in order of release date. The first time I saw Fear Factory live they played this song over the speakers after they had left the stage and the lights were on, and it felt to me as though a war had just finished and people were picking up the bodies. Morbidly beautiful, and I'll never forget it. I had to just stop and close my eyes and absorb.

5) What Will Become? (from Digimortal): Just a good, powerful song.

6) Digimortal (from Digimortal): Love this chorus!

7) Linchpin (from Digimortal): It's fun to sing, "You can't change me!" really loud while driving fast-ish. ;)

8) Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies) (from Digimortal): My favorite song on Digimortal...it almost feels like a church hymn to me for some reason. I also like that Burton sings throughout most of the song. The short, heavy bridge is SICK though!

9) Archetype (from Archetype): This song features possibly my favorite part of any Fear Factory song for about the last 75 seconds of this track. Wow. "Open your eyes..." It fills an empty space in my heart.

10) Corporate Cloning (from Archetype): Well, I just like this one a lot.

11) Final Exit (from Mechanize): It is unfortunate that I've only included one song from the band's latest release (and yes, I realize I haven't included any songs from a number of their other albums, but it's my fantasy, mmmk?). This song in particular can bring tears to my eyes. It's about the moment of death and is very moving. It's so intense how Burton screams, "My soul!" then peacefully sings, "Goodbye."

If you'd like to read about the drama with member changes you can read the Wikipedia article on Fear Factory. I don't care much about that as long as the music is good.

Here is their Official Website.

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